Kemenkes Hebat, Indonesia Sehat

Kemenkes Hebat, Indonesia Sehat


Ministry of Health Vision

The Ministry of Health's Vision and Mission for 2020-2024 outlines the President's vision and mission for 2020-2024 in the health sector :

"Creating healthy, productive, independent and fair people"

Ministry of Health Mission

  1. Reducing maternal and infant mortality rates;
  2. Reducing stunting rates in toddlers;
  3. Improving the management of National Health Insurance; And
  4. Increasing independence and use of domestic pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Strategic Objectives of the Ministry of Health

  1. Increasing the level of public health through a life cycle approach;
  2. Strengthening basic and referral health services;
  3. Improved disease prevention and control and management of public health emergencies; And
  4. Increased health resources