TUE, 01 NOV 2022
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The number of patients who suffer from atypical progressive acute kidney injury who recover from illness continues to rise. Ministry of Health records 99 patients (33%) out of 304 have recovered by 31 October 2022.
FRI, 28 OCT 2022
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People must be vigilant of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in humans, animals, plants, food, and the environment. However, one health approach offers a feasible solution to tackle the global health problem.
THU, 27 OCT 2022
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The Ministry of Health updates data and information to respond to atypical progressive acute kidney injury in children. By Wednesday (26/10), 18 cases were reported making it a total of 269 in Indonesia.
TUE, 25 OCT 2022
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Production and distribution of health personnel remain a challenge in Indonesia. Approximately 5,300 or over 50% of public health centers (Puskesmas) do not have nine types of health personnel in accordance with the standard. Furthermore, the number and densities of health personnel are unevenly distributed across provinces.
SAT, 22 OCT 2022
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Indonesia battled with the increase in COVID-19 cases from July to August 2022. Although the rise was lower than the cases spike in 2021, people are requested to be vigilant of the potential increase in early 2023 as the Christmas and New Year holiday ends.
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