Let us take medication together for Indonesia Free of elephantiasis disease. This is the appeal of Coordinating Minister of Human and Culture Development (Ind: PMK) submitted Minister Nila F. Moeloek at the launching the Elephantiasis Elimination Month Ceremony (Ind: Belkaga) in Taman Kota Park, Gunung Mas District, Central Kalimantan (3/10).
People in the world commemorates The International Right To Know Day in every 28 September. The idea of it is improving public awareness that they have rights and freedom in accessing public information.
Today, Rabies is still a health problem in Indonesia. Province of West Kalimantan has the second highest Rabies cases in Indonesia after North Sulawesi.
Recently, the media led to the publication of non-governmental organizations engaged in the field of environment, citing reports of the study results by researchers at Harvard University and Columbia University estimates that the 100,300 premature deaths in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore as a result of Indonesian forest fire crisis in 2015 ago.
Data tools of social media monitoring of Ministry of Health detected a status which was posted on facebook account which states: "For those who want to get the Warsitos theraphy equipment may contact drg. Tritatayati, Expert Advisor of Health Law, Ministry of Health, HR. Rasuna Said Street X5, Kav. 5 - 9 Block A, Kuningan, Jakarta ".
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    Ibu hamil (Bumil) harus memperhatikan anak dalam kandungannya karena masa kehamilan merupakan masa yang krusial dalam menentukan tumbuh kembang dan kecerdasan anak